PresentPet™ Personalized 'No Pull' Harness
PresentPet™ Personalized 'No Pull' Harness
PresentPet™ Personalized 'No Pull' Harness
PresentPet™ Personalized 'No Pull' Harness
PresentPet™ Personalized 'No Pull' Harness
PresentPet™ Personalized 'No Pull' Harness
PresentPet™ Personalized 'No Pull' Harness
PresentPet™ Personalized 'No Pull' Harness
PresentPet™ Personalized 'No Pull' Harness
PresentPet™ Personalized 'No Pull' Harness
PresentPet™ Personalized 'No Pull' Harness
PresentPet™ Personalized 'No Pull' Harness
PresentPet™ Personalized 'No Pull' Harness
PresentPet™ Personalized 'No Pull' Harness

PresentPet™ Personalized 'No Pull' Harness

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"I bought this for my very active pup... Samson! I bought a harness so that he won't choke himself on the collar while pulling me (I think he thinks he's a sled dog and I am the sled)...when we are out for walks and so that he isn't able to escape from me while doing his alligator rolls. I bought the camo in large for but I am thinking of coming back to get the Red one as it looks so nice! He also doesn't seem to be able to chew the harness. It's pretty easy to slip on over his head and then I clip the underbody latch when we go for walks. I find the harness to be attractive, very easy to use, and very sturdy and comfortable for my puppy. I will definitely purchase another one in the future when he gets a little bigger. Highly recommend!" - Stephanie

With over 42,000 personalized harnesses sold worldwide, experience why so many dog owners are choosing our harness over any other harness or collar! 

PresentPet Personalized No Pull Harness EASY ON/OFF - In less than 2 seconds, your pup will be ready for a walk as our Dog Harness is extremely simple to put on and take off! 

PresentPet Personalized No Pull Harness PERSONALIZE YOUR DOG HARNESS - Simply enter your dog' s name and phone number

PresentPet Personalized No Pull Harness NO PULL We’ve all been there: Our perfectly trained little pup sees a squirrel/cat/another dog, and they can’t control their instinct to chase. Sometimes they pull so hard and suddenly that feels like they could yank your arm out of the socket!

This quickly trains them that pulling will quite literally get you nowhere, and saves your arms from getting ripped off!

PresentPet Personalized No Pull Harness TOP HANDLE FOR MAXIMUM CONTROL - Sometimes we require a little extra control for our fur babies.

Whether we want to guide them up a flight of stairs, have a little extra control as we walk past the house with the noisy dog barking in the driveway, or keep them from jumping on guests when overwhelmed with excitement - there are many situations that call for extra control.

That’s why our PresentPet™ Personalized 'No Pull' Harness is fitted with a super-secure handle on the top for times like these.

Strong, sturdy, and offering complete control, our customers rave out this feature

PresentPet Personalized No Pull Harness 3M ADJUSTABLE & REFLECTIVE STRAPS - Did you know over 1.2 million dogs are killed every year in road-related accidents?

This statistic makes us sick to our stomach.

In an effort to reduce this number and make sure a tragedy like this doesn’t strike your family, we made sure to equip our harness with special reflective material.

This ultra-reflective material is sewn into the front strap of the harness, leading to drastically increased nighttime visibility.

We are very proud to be selling a harness that not only makes for more pleasurable walks but also saves lives!

PresentPet™ Personalized ’No Pull’ Harness - Pet

PresentPet Personalized No Pull Harness COMFORTABLE EXPERIENCE -  The fabric material is resistant to tearing and the straps have no elasticity so it will not deform. The soft sponge pad won't hurt the pet's skin. Breathable and lightweight materials give your dog a more comfortable experience, leaving your furry friend happy!

PresentPet Personalized No Pull Harness STAINLESS STEEL D-RING - Creates a strong connection between the leash and harness

PresentPet Personalized No Pull Harness

PresentPet Personalized No Pull Harness STURDY RELEASE BUCKLE - The side release buckle is durable and anti-breaking, it's very convenient to unravel.

PresentPet Personalized No Pull Harness MULTIPLE COLOURS -  Find one to fit your dog's personality!

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PresentPet™ Personalized ’No Pull’ Harness - Pet

Size Guide:

Measure the chest size with tape (as shown in the picture).

If you’re in between sizes, for dogs that have a wide chest or shoulders, go up one size.
If you’re in between sizes, for dogs that have a narrow chest or body, go down one size.


36-50 cm / 14-20 in
2-4 kg / 5-9 lb



Yorkshire Terrier

Small Puppies

50-60 cm / 20-24 in


5-9 kg / 10-19 lb

Mini Schnauzer

Bichon Frisé

Shih Tzu


55-65 cm / 22-26 in
9-18 kg / 20-40 lb


French bulldog


Welsh Corgi

65-80 cm / 26-31 in
18-27 kg / 40-60 lb

Australian Shepherd

Basset Hound

Standard Poodle

70-90 cm / 28-35 in
27-38 kg / 60-85 lb


German Shepherd

Golden Retriever

90-120 cm / 35-47 in
38-63 kg / 85-140 lb


Tibetan Mastiff



Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: My dog doesn't pull... is this still a good harness?

  • A: Of course! Our harness isn’t just made to alleviate or eliminate pulling, but it’s a solution for dog owners that have a hard time getting other harnesses on their dog. It’s easy on and easy off! That, and it’s super comfortable for dogs to wear. Collars and other tight harnesses risk damage to the body like the trachea. If your dog isn’t a puller, we recommend using the main D-ring on the back-center of the harness.

Q: Why this harness out of every other harness out there?

  • A: That's a great question! When designing our PresentPet™ Personalized 'No Pull' Harness, our main goal in mind was to create the ultimate harness you need as an owner! We have included almost every feature a good harness has and combined it to make our one (the best one) It is extremely comfortable, made of sturdy premium materials, has a reflective strap to ensure night safety and it can be customized to give it that extra oomph.

Q: My dog is a Houdini and escapes from everything. Will this work and keep them from escaping?

  • A: Every Houdini finds their end and the escapes stop here! These are great for dogs that tend to get out of their harness. You see, dogs are able to escape harnesses due to a lack of adjustability for the perfect fit. Even a slight discrepancy in how the harness fits may allow your furbaby to find a way to get out of it. We recommend a slightly snug fit (but not too tight) and your dog won’t be able to back out or escape from it! 

Q: Can I buy this harness at any retail store?

  • A: Our PresentPet™ Personalized 'No Pull' Harness is not available in retail stores and are sold exclusively at We take pride in the quality of our products as a fast-growing eCommerce business. Join the family!

Q: If I can't buy this harness at a brick and mortar store, how can I trust buying online?

  • A: We understand there are anxieties involved when it comes to online shopping, but we have an incredible refund policy. We stand by our products 100%, but should you find yourself not satisfied with your order, we will give you a full refund on the product cost excluding shipping within 30 days. 

Shipping Guide:

All orders are made to order by hand in our international production facility with the utmost care and attention to detail. Production time averages 7 working days after payment. Please allow a further 8-15 days for your order to arrive.

However, our customer service team will keep you updated via email on your package and we will send you your tracking number when that becomes available. You can visit our 'track your order' page to constantly check up on your package! Simply enter your order number and email address to be informed on the status of your order :)

PresentPet Personalized No Pull Harness


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