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Gopher Pioneer Push-Push Game Machine

Gopher Pioneer Push-Push Game Machine

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🎁BEST GIFT FOR YOUR CHILDREN🎉 -- Push button puzzle breakthrough speed push game machine rodent extermination toys Four game modes, multiple ways to play Silicone push button game: easy to eliminate, do not hurt your hands!

How to improve your child's reflexes?

This challenge will not only exercise your child's brain, but also you can spend quality time with your child. Success at each level brings a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, as well as enhances the interaction and cooperation between you and your child.

At the same time, as the difficulty of the game increases, the time pressure will gradually increase, which will make your child more focused and hard work to complete each level, as well as improve his resilience and decision-making ability.

So, why not challenge this interesting game to stimulate his thinking potential and let you and your child progress together?

Imagine the kids will absolutely love to play the gopher fast push challenge game machine.


✅Wonderful design, breakthrough mode: mobilize your brain, upgrade 50 levels, the child grows, I grow. As the number of passes increases, the time decreases.

✅QUALITY MATERIALS: The main body is made of high-quality, environmentally friendly, transparent and soft silicone material, which won't hurt the children. All parts have been tested to the strictest safety and quality standards, environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

✅MECHANICAL EXTERIOR DESIGN: According to the prompts of the indicator light, complete the challenge within the specified time, not hurt the eyes of the game machine, while improving our brain intelligence.

Parent-Child Time: Battery life, children play to their heart's content, easy to operate and easy to start, no need to worry about the life span hours.

Four Modes, More Interesting


  • Age Group: 7 years - 14 years
  • Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years old.
  • The three buttons on the top are: Mode button, On/Off button and Volume button.



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