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Magical Shoe Cleaning Eraser

Magical Shoe Cleaning Eraser

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Introducing the WORLD-FIRST Shoe Stain Remover! 

Magical Shoe Cleaning Eraser

Got stains that won't budge on your shoes? The Magic Eraser™ is perfect for tough everyday stains and simply works awesome! Satisfaction guaranteed! 

The Magic Eraser™ is designed to clean dirt effectively on your shoes with no brush or water required! Our patented clean cloth-based eraser also works great on the rubber part of the shoes. Just use it as an eraser anywhere you want and you will get the stain removed immediately!

 Magical Shoe Cleaning Eraser

Instant Results - Clean the dirt and stains immediately without harming your shoes. The cleaning effect is better than others, the edges of the white rubber sole will be more obvious.

Easy to Use - No water and brush needed. Gently rub the shoes where the dirt is noticeable. Solve the problems of your daily cleaning shoes.

Suitable for Most Types of Shoes - Cloth, suede, leather, and canvas. Can be used in a timely manner to clean more effectively! Exclusive for sports shoe canvas, the dirt and dust will be rubbed off and the shoes will be as good as new. 

Portable - The Magic Eraser™ is small and easy to carry around. You can simply put in your pocket and use it anywhere when needed.

Multi-Functions - Whether you need to clean your favorite all-white shoes, tennis sneakers, basketball sneakers, fly kits, prime knit, running sneakers, golf shoes, leather work boots, Suede shoes, hiking shoes, or dress shoes, our premium shoe cleaning eraser is great on any washable material type. 

Magical Shoe Cleaning Eraser

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