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Outdoor waterproof solar mosquito killer

Outdoor waterproof solar mosquito killer

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Product description
Camping lamp, solar camping lamp UV light insect killer IP67 waterproof mosquito killer Camping Lantern USB Rechargeable for fishing, hiking, camping, emergency, hurricane, power failure

- IP67 waterproof
- Effective anti-mosquito, mosquito lamp emits a 360 ° all-round UV light that attracts and effectively destroys the insects around you.
- Get rid of the annoying flying insects such as mosquitoes, flies, moths, etc.
- Solar and USB rechargeable battery.
- There is a hook on the top of the camping lamp that can be hung in the tent, on the climbing bag, on the tree, etc.
--Although the device is rainproof / waterproof, do not immerse it in water for a long period of time.
- Only charge the battery with the correct voltage and suitable adapters / chargers.
- When using for the first time, open the battery cover and tear off the insulating film from the battery
--If you turn on the product and put it into the environment without people or light, it will have better anti-mosquito effect.

Scope of delivery:
1 x  insect killer / camping lantern
1 x USB charging cable
1 x manualSolar Camping Lamp UV Light Insect Killer IP67 Waterproof Mosquito Killer Camping Lantern USB Rechargeable for fishing, hiking, camping, emergency, hurricane, power failure


Here Are The Mind-Blowing Test Results!!

My job is testing and reporting on the latest electronic gadgets. And when it comes to tech that eliminates pesky mosquitoes and bugs, I’ve tested almost every product on the market. Believe me, mosquitoes are my biggest enemy here in Philadelphia!

When everyone thinks of bug zappers, they assume they’re all the same. Plug it in and cross your fingers that it can kill every mosquito that comes near you. But unfortunately, they usually don’t.

So, when my company asked me to review the brand new – bug & mosquito killer, I wasn’t too excited.

“Ho-hum,” I thought. “I’ve tried these zapper things before with little benefit. Here we go again.”


But this time – I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Many of these look cheap or flimsy, Compact and sturdy with a built-in solar charging panel , I could immediately see it was well-engineered. And it’s small size is ideal for camping trips, placing in the corner of a room or outdoors for warm summer evenings.


Unlike other devices, it uses a breakthrough method to lure mosquitoes. Most zappers blast out proprietary technology hoping it attracts them, but it dials in UV with pinpoint accuracy, hitting the perfect sweet spot to lure mosquitoes in their droves. This means it kills 8x more mosquitoes than the next best device!

Plus it’s built to be fully weatherproof, can be charged using USB or solar, and will last 14 hours on a single charge – now that’s versatility!

Enough research – it was time to test. After charging it via USB, I placed it on the porch (a real mosquito hotspot), flicked the switch, then waited.. And within minutes of switching it on, my opinion of this device suddenly skyrocketed by a few dozen notches.

I normally can’t spend ten minutes on my porch in summer without getting covered in bites, but as I settled down to read a book, I noticed there were no annoying critters trying to use me for an easy lunch.

I dozed off on my porch in my t-shirt and shorts (usually a terrible idea in summer), but when I awoke 2 hours later, I hadn't been bitten once. Amazing! But I really wanted to see how far I could push this thing…


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