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Ultra Cleaning Tablet
Ultra Cleaning Tablet
Ultra Cleaning Tablet
Ultra Cleaning Tablet
Ultra Cleaning Tablet
Ultra Cleaning Tablet
Ultra Cleaning Tablet
Ultra Cleaning Tablet
Ultra Cleaning Tablet
Ultra Cleaning Tablet

Ultra Cleaning Tablet

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Say goodbye to traditional cleaning that sometimes take so much of your time, from scrubbing, drying, to scrubbing again and again!

This Ultra Cleaning Tablet is a powerful integrated cleaning agent, thanks to the effervescent lift-action technology; it can quickly fizz and removes clothing stains, kitchen range hood stains, toilet floor stains, even wood polish etc, leaving your house beautifully shiny. With one-piece cleaner, no chemical bleach, it can be safely used for pet stains without harming pets! A clean home is great, but we want it to look more than clean, we want it to look spectacular!


  • Multipurpose cleaner. This is also a multipurpose and multifunction spray cleaner! Ready and equipped to replace your general cleaner, kitchen cleaner, fabric cleaner, tile cleaner & carpet cleaner with one all-in-one cleaner. 
  • Easily cuts through all kinds of everyday dirt in your home. It quickly fizzes and removes food spillages in the kitchen and soap, toothpaste, makeup residues in the bathroom, leaving your surfaces beautifully shiny. This all purpose spray works on everyday soap scum, food residues, makeup & watermarks.
  • Safe to use and helps bring out the best in your home. Non-toxic, non-acidic formula that will effortlessly polish without leaving any streaks on your sink, table or countertops. Effortlessly lift dirt, soil, grease and grime to enhance your brand new surfaces or bring life back to your old stone surfaces. Reveal the original brilliance of your natural stone surfaces & make us an essential for everyday treatment.
  • Deeply cleans and instant freshness. Instantly in contact with water, aerobic laundry, low foaming and easy to rinse, effective decontamination, clean thoroughly, streak-free. Deeply clean surfaces and keep fresh for a long time and prevent bacteria from breeding.
  • Wood- safe and eco-friendly. The cleaner can also work on your wood furniture & tools, keeping them brand new. The use of biological enzymes to decompose stains to achieve a clean effect, more non-toxic & environmentally friendly.


  • Size: 27 x 11 x 7cm.
  • Ingredient: Biological Enzyme.


  • Tablet x 10pcs / Tablet x 10pcs + Spray Bottle x 1

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